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HIKMICRO is a leading provider of thermal imaging equipment and solutions. Specializing in thermal technology innovation, the company offers thermal cores, modules, cameras, total solutions and also digital night vision products, which can be used in outdoor, industrial and security industry globally, serving customers in over 100 countries and regions.

Mobile App

Firmware Upgrade

The App automatically detects the firmware update information when you connect your device with it. Simply click on the reminder and get updated instantly.

Browse and Download Exciting Moments

Browse the images and footage in your thermal device and APP whenever you want, sharing these thrilling moments to your social media with 1-Tap.

Remote Control

HIKMICRO Sight unlocks the full potential of your device by granting users total control of main parameters while enjoying an HD live view of the device, helping you operate the device in an easier way.

Real-time Screen Sharing

View the real-time image of your device on the smartphone. Connect one device with multiple phones that enables your team view the image on their own HIKMICRO Sight. Rotate the screen so that you can see the Sight in portrait or landscape mode.


Aim to tell you how to use your products better with various products videos and documents.

Online Service

If you have any question about products, please contact us here and we’ll reply you timely.

Thermal Monocular

  • Lynx & Lynx Pro
  • Falcon
  • Gryphon & Gryphon LRF

Thermal Scope

  • Thunder 2.0
  • Stellar
  • Panther LRF

Thermal Clip-on

  • Thunder Pro
  • Thunder 2.0

Thermal Binocular

  • Raptor

Digital Day&Night Vision Scope

  • Alpex
  • Cheetah

Digital Day&Night Vision Clip-on

  • Cheetah

Trail Camera

  • M15

Outdoor Gears Family

  • Explorer
  • Heimdal


  • IR Torch/Bracket 
  • Rail – Apply to: All series of Thunder, Panther LRF & Cheetah
  • Adaptor eyepiece
  • Ring – Apply to: Tellar & Alpex
  • Battery Charger & Battery
  • Zeroing Targets
  • Monocular Pouch – Apply to: Lynx, Lynx Pro, Gryphon & Falcon